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Our achievements here in Malawi are a result of continuous endeavors to combine talent, quality and values together

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Mr. E. Katola

Mr. E. Katola

Chief Consultant

“Effective HR management is not just about managing the workforce, but about enabling and empowering them to achieve their fullest potential. It’s about creating a workplace culture that values and fosters diversity, inclusion, and collaboration, where employees feel engaged, motivated, and supported to excel.”

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You focus on building your business while EVA Solutions ensures your human resources function operates like a well oiled machine!

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Gemini HR Solutions has many years of human resource line-management experience, ensuring you receive professional advice.

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Welcome to Gemini HR Solutions

We at Gemini HR Solutions have helped individuals and companies throughout Malawi with our consulting services offered and professional guidance. Our approach focuses on the business process which supports the human resources function so that you can turn your human capital into a strategic advantage

Our achievements here in Malawi are a result of our continuous endeavors to combine talent